NBA Investigates Ja Morant for Livestreaming Himself Holding Gun

Memphis Grizzlies’ star guard Ja Morant is cleared of any involvement in a gun investigation. Officials have confirmed that Morant was not in possession of the firearm and was not involved in the incident that led to the investigation.

The investigation began after a video surfaced on Instagram showing a person holding a gun with the caption “Ja Morant” on Tuesday. The photo was immediately reported to the Memphis Police Department, who launched an investigation.

In a statement released by the Grizzlies, it was confirmed that Morant had no connection to the incident. The team also expressed their disappointment at the false accusations made against their player.

Morant took to Twitter on Wednesday to express his relief at the investigation’s outcome, saying he was thankful to be cleared of any wrongdoing.

This news comes as a relief to the Grizzlies and their fans, who were worried about the potential consequences that could have arisen from the allegations. Morant remains one of the team’s key players and an essential part of their future plans.

The Memphis Grizzlies are now focusing on the upcoming NBA season, which begins on December 22nd. Fans can look forward to seeing Morant and the rest of the team back on the court as they aim to make a push for the playoffs.